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Address Claim Type
Ab9Jo4AecEZEjc8bePip4X1yfAFQqsC7tm 8000 Referral
AHwVH8VVL8mBBjnB4uAiRBXXR6zdH1UoTx 80000 Claim
AKh4iRCVWGM4PmwN7h6Vx8VABoVfbdrgPP 8000 Referral
AdfKaT8UfFx2N5KEbs9mLDy1rxnN2x5vak 80000 Claim
Ab9Jo4AecEZEjc8bePip4X1yfAFQqsC7tm 8000 Referral
AHAVPAh8L2MGkCjH99yDrjNvREqysfyzBD 80000 Claim
Ab9Jo4AecEZEjc8bePip4X1yfAFQqsC7tm 8000 Referral
AKHb9FgM7TKRucYsa9w7JWmbLUMmttZ9gm 80000 Claim
Ab9Jo4AecEZEjc8bePip4X1yfAFQqsC7tm 8000 Referral
AJFzTMZm9pa7yYFpB9JQ2h2Z3j8FmpaTtn 80000 Claim


Address Total Claimed
Ab9Jo4AecEZEjc8bePip4X1yfAFQqsC7tm 11.09025000 XPM
AS48f8AgFJh38Lr7F8GVseSxCZek9xoLQe 1.54745000 XPM
AKh4iRCVWGM4PmwN7h6Vx8VABoVfbdrgPP 1.46605000 XPM
AZ3cZHxSEs7cR8ZaXa993L85jP1qdoLqba 1.46149500 XPM
ALQA8y9SA82BNowR5ezUtnTDidekkFCoPD 1.11030000 XPM
AXLepF176eazEFVYeJBbqQFBXAY2T5TThx 1.09665000 XPM
AGoTAEakUye9WGVHp1jU6FKfm6R91HeEd8 1.02965000 XPM
ARB8Qp9aWEtrNNxsbpAcVB3ikMkri75dyj 1.02625500 XPM
AJnreNLNBpF9FxAnhwj7rBKNRZYiCymy29 0.95475000 XPM
AR8WjVVRmSguRnQ9uNRhzftzeWKJ9a8X3z 0.92860000 XPM


Date Address Sent Status TxID
17-Aug-2017 06:18:10 AG5kXuMePjyZFoe... 0.10030000 XPM Complete 8fd0cbda2179dfc...
14-Aug-2017 06:39:28 AdYiH9qcvgKH6fY... 0.11605000 XPM Complete 05b35d1dd49ccc6...
14-Aug-2017 04:17:49 ATZQCVf5EfUvvkR... 0.09095000 XPM Complete 05b35d1dd49ccc6...
12-Aug-2017 23:14:07 AHyqoBhoPrAU3wY... 0.12890000 XPM Complete 05b35d1dd49ccc6...
11-Aug-2017 19:50:00 AZCXnkQ2repDb1h... 0.10225000 XPM Complete 05b35d1dd49ccc6...

What is Primecoin?

Primecoin is an innovative cryptocurrency which introduces an unique form of proof-of-work based on prime numbers.

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The innovative prime proof-of-work in Primecoin not only provides security and minting to the network, but also generates a special form of prime number chains of interest to mathematical research. Thus primecoin network is energy-multiuse, compared to bitcoin.
Primecoin network searches for special prime number chains known as Cunningham chains and bi-twin chains. The distribution of these prime chains are not well-understood currently as even for its simplest case twin primes their infinite existence is not proven.

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